Kings of the Wilderness – The Launch!

It’s with great pleasure – and no small amount of relief – that I can finally announce the launch of my debut novel: Kings of the Wilderness. From a rough scene in an even rougher manuscript (now a distant sequel-to-be!), a couple of lines of exposition turned into a 144,000 word beast.

Kings of the Wilderness will be the first in a series named The 700th Arc, which chronicles events on the turbulent moon of Scion. Being tidally locked to the much larger planet Halcyon, Scion is beset by spectacular eclipses, violent storms and powerful oceanic shifts. For those crushed by the inhuman might of the Erodyian Empire, these are merely the backdrop to a life of brutal hardship.

But two of Scion’s troubled inhabitants, Leo Janus and Luther Kelly, are unknowingly about to set in motion a chain of events that may prove more destabilising than either could have imagined…

Back here on Earth, it has been a long day and a few sleepless nights for the character of MJR Parr. It’s hard to compress five years’ worth of excitement, frustration and obsession into a handful of paragraphs. And it’s even harder to upload the final version of my novel and know that the result of that process is finally exposed for anybody in the world to see and judge. But it’s a privilege to be able to do so.

Kings of the Wilderness is now available to buy on Amazon. I’d be really pleased if you could check it out.

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